Link between the brain and the gut

SURPRISING LINK BETWEEN THE GUT, THE BRAIN and INFLAMMATION! Most everyone has heard of your gut bacteria (a.k.a. microbiome, microbiota and gut flora) as playing the primary role in the body’s immune function. Additionally, most of us can relate to … Continue reading →

WHY EAT ORGANIC? Once upon a time all food was organically grown, believe it or not. What we now call conventionally grown foods have pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and larvacides to mention a few. The photo above speaks volumes. If the … Continue reading →

prevent migraines

NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR MIGRAINES by Wendy Johns Migraines affect 38 million people in the U.S. each year with 70% of that total being woman. Unfortunately, doctors are still unsure of the definitive cause of migraines and have labeled them a … Continue reading →