Once upon a time all food was organically grown, believe it or not. What we now call conventionally grown foods have pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and larvacides to mention a few. The photo above speaks volumes. If the human dispenser has to wear this kind of protective gear, does our food become magically nontoxic once it finally arrives onto our plates? Any word that has “cide” on the end of it is a chemical that is ultimately toxic to the human system. Accumulation of these toxins is a big key player in the lack of health, especially in the United States as it is being experienced. This is especially true since the 1990s with the introduction of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Going back to the toxins that have been sprayed on all of our foods, this started about the 1930s at the beginning of World War II. Scientific developments at that time led to mass production of chemicals being used on larger and larger crops. While science looked at these chemicals as increasing crop yield and making for what “looked” to be a healthier food specimen, once inside a person’s body there’s a different story. When we eat food – – it gets assimilated into our body, into our cells, into our DNA. So the old saying “we are what we eat” holds true and it has always been true. Food is of massive importance as to how we feel and whether or not we will develop certain diseases and how long we will live. Certainly heredity plays a significant role here too; however, the new science of epigenetics tells us that our environment and the foods we eat are actually the regulators of what genes will be expressed or not expressed. What are we putting in our mouths? It is important to realize that after we swallow food, there is a whole other world going on. It’s not just about getting a full belly and moving on with our work day. People only have to walk them self through their work day and take mental notes, “How do I feel after I eat this? How do I feel after I eat that? Most of the time people don’t attribute their fatigue to the fact that they ate something that might have been toxic or completely nutritionally devoid. Again the energy of food, how fresh it is, how organic it is, and how it is prepared are very major players in preserving our health. Everything in our life can be stripped away. You’re running around in a body. This is your body, it is your vessel to maintain. Some people would not miss an oil change for their car for anything. Their car is the crucial thing to them. The ultimate vehicle is the human body. It’s made of minerals and other nutrients that are absorbed by the cells, the cells then cluster together to form tissue, this tissue forms our organs.

The majority of Americans are eating conventionally grown foods which have been sprayed with chemicals or they are eating completely dead foods that are fried or gotten from a fast food line. There’s really no mystery as to why Americans are so unhealthy. So many people are walking around not feeling good at all and it has become the new normal. Yikes! How did we get to accept this way of life? We need to make a connection between the vibrant health and vibrant energy that we maybe had as an adolescent (if we were lucky)–and knowing that we can actually have this past the age of forty! We don’t have to accept the ideas of degeneration and disintegration with age, the aches and pains, expecting the premature greying, and not feeling like doing the things you used to feel like doing. This is happening to people at an earlier and earlier age. It is becoming more and more recognized that the millennials born in the 1990’s and 2000’s will be less healthy than the previous generations. That’s counter to logic in this age of unprecedented access to information and technology! We should be going forward in health, this is obvious. So we have to look at where our food’s coming from.

What happens when we eat conventionally grown foods that have been sprayed with pesticides and other toxins? When our body is breaking down food in the intestines, our intestines have little villi hairs that extract nutrients.Then on the other side of the villi hairs the nutrients go into the bloodstream. What also gets extracted and absorbed from the food are toxins. The nutrients want to get into the cells, and sometimes the toxins get into the cells, too. The human being is comprised of approximately hundred trillion cells. We are a walking body of cells. That’s what we’re made of. The cells are the corner stone of our health. So if we have too many toxins come in, that affects the outer layer of the cell which is the membrane (the barrier around the cell). With toxicity, the membrane can become rigid and hard thereby limiting absorption of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. The rigidity of the membrane also prohibits the cell from eliminating its waste material. This situation can lead to hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure. If we think of our body and our health on a cellular level, then we get past the idea of eating anything handy and thinking, “Oh, my belly is full, now I can get on with my day.” Most people are not aware of the speed with which the body regenerates itself. Our outer layer of skin, the epidermis, replaces itself every 35 days; the liver is replaced every six weeks; stomach lining every four days, the brain every two months and our entire skeletal structure every three months!

When making decisions about the foods we eat we MUST ask ourselves ”Do I really want to make my hair, skin, nails, bones, eyes, brains out of this?” Our bodies have NO choice but to take the food we eat (whatever it may be) and use it to regenerate the body. Without sufficient nutrients to regenerate ….. we begin to disintegrate and become subject to any number of degenerative diseases. Studies show, as soon as the toxins are removed from one’s diet the body miraculously begins detoxing itself!! Yes, the body has its own innate wisdom and can detox and heal itself!

SO if you’ve been eating conventionally grown foods and GMO foods what can you do as a first measure to clean up and detox the body (cells)? There are many methods and protocols which detoxification can occur; however, one of the easiest ways to begin is to simply make every attempt to buy organic foods. Begin with making the switch to organic by eliminating the most highly toxic foods which is commonly referred to as the “Dirty Dozen.” This includes, apples, celery, grapes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, hot peppers, imported nectarines, peaches potatoes, spinach, strawberries and sweet bell peppers. Studies show, as soon as the toxins are removed from one’s diet the body miraculously begins detoxing itself!! Yes, the body has its own innate wisdom and can detox and heal itself!

For many people on the SAD (Standard American Diet) their first response is “I can’t afford to buy organic foods.” Well, ask yourself this, “How can I afford not to?” The connection between quality of food and quality of health and life has already been established. “How costly is it to be in and out of the healthcare system because of a preventable illness or disease?”

Buying organic also means you are voting with your dollars! How’s that you say? Well, the more people buy organic, the more grocers must stock. We must tip the scales where organic is preferred by the majority. Then, prices will begin to fall. It seems counter intuitive that the organic foods are higher than the foods containing all the chemical toxins. Hmmmm?

Your body can be a perfect machine of health as long as you give it what it needs. This also includes eight glasses a day of pure filtered or spring water, stress reduction, connection to nature, foregiveness, love and acceptance of the self and the physical body.

Above all – YOU are worth it!

Cheers to your thriving health!

Editor’s note: The standards are high for food to be labeled organically grown, so it is very unlikely to be faked. When you buy and eat organically grown food you know: (1) it hasn’t been irradiated or had applied pesticides, artificial colorants, preservatives, or been genetically modified. (2) You’re not supporting the immersion of farm workers, the land, small animals, bees, butterflies, and birds in pesticides. And best of all, it tastes better!

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